Insurance. Finance. Technology.

Our undertakings typically are related to financial sector or technology – or rather both. We are in forefront of new visionary financial sector operations – we provide concepts, financing and high-speed growth accelerators.

We work with FinTech companies operating on insurance, marketplace lending, financing and more in Europe and the USA. We also help to develop business from start-ups to global conglomerates together with our extensive network of cooperating partners.

For us FinTech, financial technology, means using forefront software to provide financial services challenging the traditional financial systems and corporations. In many cases in good cooperation with major financial sector operators.

P2P marketplace lending currently is among the fastest growing financial sector activities. Intelligent, cost effective service platform enables people to support each other by investing excess assets for others to finance desired expenditures. Fair return on investment and fair interest level for borrowers make a win-win opportunity.

P2P insurance refreshes the original idea of insurance. Supported by intelligent service platform people can share risks and get significant savings in comparison to standard insurance company offerings. Insurance solutions that are particularly useful for sharing economy are part of our service.

Blockchain technology enables high security solutions for the financial sector and beautifully supports digitization of securities.

We can insurance. Thoroughly. Life and non-life, direct and reinsurance. And we can banking and investment services. We have extensive experience in developing and implementing new business concepts, fascinating product offerings and effective service processes for the industries. Financial modelling and analysis, balance sheet management solutions and M&A operations are part of our common service offering with our partners. We also do non-executive Board memberships and independent advisory.

Financial sector and insurance business – being abstract and fully data driven – live on technology. We are specialists in software and related services. We understand that you never want software or technologies per se, but want to develop your business through enabling technologies.

We are happy to help you in selecting and developing software and services to run your core businesses effectively. We help you develop outstanding client service utilizing the potential provided by modern technology and flexible service concepts. B2B and B2C. We are familiar with in-house software, licensed software and Software as a Service (SaaS). Cloud services today are a no-brainer. We feel comfortable with most up-to-date technologies, but we are not afraid to touch any traditional technology either.

New Rose was founded 1994 to develop and support insurance industry in all its richness. Product, process and business development and new concepts based on thorough understanding of the business and opportunities brought by modern technology – that’s us.

Over the years we have widened our scope to banking and investment services, financial sector as a whole. Network based operations and P2P (peer-to-peer) are good examples of our core competence.

We set up startups and offer private equity. Our current portfolio includes e.g.

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